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Idea House

Experience the inspiration as you tour the Idea House to discover must-have colors, materials, and more for your home. The Idea House is "designed to inspire," featuring a blend of unique, trendy traits with functional, simple elements. It blurs the lines between a sleek, minimalistic modern style with a warm, organic aesthetic to balance functionality with comfort and simplicity with luxury. Our talented design team selected every piece and part to reflect warmth and innovation and inspire our guests with unique features that are still practical and accessible.

Hartville Hardware prides itself on unique products and great customer service. We wanted to make sure the Idea House speaks to the breadth of the selection we offer while showcasing innovative products, and inspiring ideas for customers to take into their own homes.

Cody | Idea House Design Team


In honor of the hardware store that started it all, the Idea House features the street number from the original Hartville Hardware.

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