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Entry & Office

The entry and office required dramatic, eye-catching elements to set the tone for the whole house. The design team hand-selected every part of the two rooms to complement one another and still stand out on their own. Despite the extravagance of the entry and office, every aspect is functional, from the quartz wall that doubles as a coat rack to the durable tile floor.

Glass Wall

Despite the grand scale of the overall house, the entry and office are small spaces. A glass wall separates the foyer from the office while creating visibility between the two rooms. The glass opens up the area and allows it to appear more spacious.

Front Door

The front door is black, matching the black tones throughout the house, with windows set into the door. These windows provide natural light that reflects off the glass wall, highlighting the focal points of the entry and office. The natural light brings a calming warmth that both complements and distinguishes the modern elements of the rooms.

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Discover all the hand-selected components featured in the entry and office. Whether you want to mimic the whole area or take home pieces of it, find everything you need to create the space of your dreams.

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We knew there were going to be seams in the quartz wall, and instead of having an issue with covering seams, let's turn the obstacle into a design feature. We added thick white oak to hide the seams, and then we utilized the wood by adding coat hooks. We don't have a coat closet, let's make these hooks a purposeful design feature and focal point.

John | Idea House Design Team

Unique Design Features

The 12' tall quartz wall sets a precedent for the rest of the house in its scale and purpose. The coat hooks on the oak accents that resolve the issue of seams transform the stunning quartz wall from a design focal point to a beautiful and functional feature. This theme carries throughout the house for an overall style of modern mixed with traditional.

Whether you're looking to build a new home or redesign a room in your existing home, you can find all the materials you need to turn your house into a home. Discover fixtures that perfectly complement the warm, wooden tones throughout the house. Shop top-of-the-line appliances that will transform your kitchen into a chef's dream. No matter your style, find beautiful features you'll love in the Idea House.

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Durable Flooring

The flooring in the entry and office is tile to reduce maintenance as people enter with dirty and muddy shoes. The geometric design is modern, with neutral colors that reflect the quartz wall and the color palette throughout the house. It reflects the striking features of the quartz wall and glass wall, playing off the two for a dramatic effect.

Design Services

Feeling inspired? Visit our Design Team located outside the back deck of the Idea House! Whether you want to imitate aspects of the Idea House or show off your own unique style, one of our brilliant designers will guide you through every step of the design process.

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