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Wine spilling from a glass onto a Cambria countertop

Strength & Durability

Cambria's surfaces are created from all natural quartz - one of the hardest substances on earth - and built by quality-obsessed craftspeople in Cambria's state-of-the-art, all-American facilities. Quartz stone countertops are harder than marble, harder than granite, and many times tougher than stone or wood countertops. Come see why so many customers say that Cambria countertops are the most durable countertops they've ever owned.

Cambria quartz in a shower

Maintenance Free

Unlike other surfaces that require special cleaning products, Cambria countertops and surfaces can be cleaned easily with a wide variety of cleaners and disinfectants. And unlike surfaces like granite, marble, stone, and wood, Cambria surfaces never need to be re-sealed. Quartz countertops, unlike other types of countertops never need to be polished either.

Cambria white island countertop in a kitchen

A Healthy Kitchen

Since Cambria countertops are made of one of the hardest substances on earth, they're naturally non-absorbent, which means they don't stain easily, and that moisture from things like raw meat doesn't seep into the surface and form dangerous bacteria. You can use a wide variety of household cleaners to disinfect your Cambria countertops - even diluted bleach! All Cambria surfaces are NSF certified, so you know your surfaces are safe from germs.

Cambria quartz countertop with plates, cups, and silverware

Creating the Art of the Stone

The finest materials. The most dedicated craftspeople. The most cutting edge technology. All join together to create quartz surfaces for countertops, floors, walls, backsplashes, and more. Cambria creates surfaces that look and feel just like marble, but are much stronger. That look like soapstone, but require no maintenance. That look like granite but that don't absorb germy liquids. That look like terrazzo, but never need to be sealed. Always innovating, Cambria has added matte surfaces to their lineup, for a subtler, more earthy feeling surface with all the same benefits as their traditional glossy surfaces.

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