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The mudroom operates as both a storage space and a pet spa. The mudroom features all durable materials, from the tiled floor to the finished cabinets, for longevity. Although the Idea House does not feature the garage that the designed house incorporates, the mudroom still functions as a point of entry/exit from the garage with additions for pet owners.

Durable Materials

Dirt, dust, mud, and more can become familiar nuisances in a mudroom. Every part of the mudroom is durable and long-lasting, so kids, pets (and adults) can roam and romp in the mud, snow, and dirt. When the troops come marching back in, you can relieve anxiety over damaging every part of the room, new and old.

Vertical Storage

The mudroom is a point of entry/exit in which people go in and out with coats on and keys in hand. Lockers were the ideal solution for storage. The doorless lockers come with hooks to hang coats, keys, or bags and space for shoes, mail, and anything else you need to access quickly.

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Discover all the hand-selected components featured in the mudroom. Whether you want to mimic the whole mudroom or take home pieces of it, find everything you need to create the space of your dreams.

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We really focused on some fun elements centered around pets. There's a floor-level dog shower for large dogs, and a pot filler cubby to fill water bowls. We had a lot of fun showcasing some things that are a little over the top, but would be extremely useful for any pet lover.

Cindy | Idea House Design Team

Pet Additions

Every dog owner knows the hassle of walking to the sink several times a day to fill up water bowls and wrestling your dog into the bath. A pot filler makes it quick and easy to fill bowls and a floor-level pet shower is ideal for rinsing muddy paws and washing dogs of all sizes. While a pot filler and dog shower seem excessive, these additions are practical and functional.

Whether you're looking to build a new home or redesign a room in your existing home, you can find all the materials you need to turn your house into a home. Discover fixtures that perfectly complement the warm, wooden tones throughout the house. Shop top-of-the-line appliances that will transform your kitchen into a chef's dream. No matter your style, find beautiful features you'll love in the Idea House.

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Extra Storage

Cabinets are a simple solution to store pet food, dog shampoo, shoes, and more. Appropriately named the mudroom, this space sees a lot of dirt. The cabinets are painted a dark brown to prevent dirt from showing on the surface. This color also ties in nicely with the neutral, earthy tones throughout the house.

Design Services

Feeling inspired? Visit our Design Team located outside the back deck of the Idea House! Whether you want to imitate aspects of the Idea House or show off your own unique style, one of our brilliant designers will guide you through every step of the design process.

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