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The exterior is the first part of the house you see, setting the tone for the whole house. It blends modernity with organic aspects, incorporating natural elements made from durable materials. Each component of the exterior mirrors the overall style of traditional mixed with modern.

Attention to Detail

The soffits are made from steel planks that resemble cedar. The steel construction adds longevity that wood lacks without compromising the organic style.

Elevated Stone

The manufactured stone on the exterior combines the characteristics of stone and brick. It looks like stone but is edge-cut to resemble the clean lines of brick. The texture of the stone contrasts the smooth lap siding, and the white color stands out against the black walls to highlight both features.

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Discover all the hand-selected components featured on the exterior of the house. Whether you want to mimic the whole exterior or take home pieces of it, find everything you need to create the look you want.

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My favorite feature is the front exterior wall that we highlighted with steel siding. A lot of people are starting to use steel because it's no maintenance, but looks like wood. It is a very sustainable, long-lasting and a unique design solution.

Cody | Idea House Design Team

Sustainable Materials

The design team selected several exterior features that embody durability and longevity. The steel siding and porch ceiling look like cedar wood without the maintenance of wood, while the board & batten wall is made from a sustainable rice hull and PVC with characteristics of wood. These elements combined create a natural aesthetic with a modern twist.

Whether you're looking to build a new home or redesign a room in your existing home, you can find all the materials you need to turn your house into a home. Discover fixtures that perfectly complement the warm, wooden tones throughout the house. Shop top-of-the-line appliances that will transform your kitchen into a chef's dream. No matter your style, find beautiful features you'll love in the Idea House.

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Brands we love

Artificial Lawn

The artificial lawn around the house follows the theme of low maintenance. Similar to the steel siding on the house, the artificial lawn looks like real grass, providing a vibrant green look with little to no maintenance.

Design Services

Feeling inspired? Visit our Building Center located in the lower level of the store. Whether you want to mimic styles from the Idea House or put your own unique twist on it, one of our experts will guide you to the materials you need, from doors and windows to siding and stone.

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