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Hardware Essentials 5 In. Brown Floor Door Stop Wedge

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Product Description

Hardware Essentials 5 In. Brown Floor Door Stop Wedge is designed to provide a simple and effective way to keep doors securely in place. These doorstop wedges are made from durable plastic. Using these doorstop wedges is straightforward. First, you'll need to select the appropriate length of door stop based on your door's dimensions and the desired clearance level. Once you have chosen the right size, the door stop is ready to be used. To install it, simply slide the door stop wedge under the bottom edge of the door until it fits snugly in place. These doorstop wedges serve as an efficient solution to prevent doors from accidentally closing or slamming shut, which can help prevent damage to walls, furniture, and the doors themselves. They're particularly useful for situations where you need to prop open a door temporarily or prevent a door from swinging shut due to drafts or airflow.
Model Number: 852949


  • Brand: Hardware Essentials
  • Base Material: Rubber
  • Product Length: 5"
  • Package Type: Flagged
  • Primary Color: Brown
  • Product Size: 5"
  • Pieces Per Retail Pack: 1


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