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Linzer Pro Edge 9" Premium Walls & Floors Pad Painter

Linzer Pro Edge 9" Premium Walls & Floors Pad Painter

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Product Description

Linzer Pro Edge 9" Premium Walls & Floors Pad Painter is a versatile painting tool designed for achieving smooth and professional finishes on both walls and floors. It features a pad with low lint, ensuring that you'll get an ultra-smooth finish while minimizing any potential mess. The pad painter is suitable for use with various types of paint, including oil or water-based paints, urethane finishes, and sealers, making it a versatile choice for different painting projects. The comfort handle of this pad painter is designed for both interior and exterior use, providing ease of use and control. Whether you're working on smooth or rough surfaces, this tool will help you achieve quality results. Additionally, the threaded handle of the pad painter is compatible with most extension poles, allowing you to reach high or wide areas with ease. This makes it a handy tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their painting projects.
Model Number: PD 7200 0900


  • Surfaces: Interior/Exterior
  • Handle Type: Plastic
  • Brush Head Height: 3 In.
  • Brush Head Width: 9 In.
  • Threaded End: Yes


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