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STIHL Woodcutter Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon

STIHL Woodcutter Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon

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Product Description

STIHL Woodcutter Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon is tailored for demanding, high-speed cutting tasks while maintaining excellent value. Specifically crafted for professionals aiming to uphold peak chainsaw efficiency, this oil is formulated from quality base oils with added components to enhance the longevity of chainsaw bars, saw chains, and oil pumps. Its specialized blend comprises highly refined oils to ensure optimal lubrication and concentrated tackiness additives to facilitate oil adherence to the saw chain even during high cutting speeds. For chainsaw protection and sustained performance, trust nothing less than STIHL.
Unopened container shelf life: Four years when stored in its originally sealed containers.
Opened container shelf life: Up to four years if stored in a firmly closed container, within a dark, dry location, maintaining cool (up to 25°C/77°F) constant temperatures.
Model Number: 7010 871 0240


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Warranty & Certifications

STIHL Limited Warranty can be found here: Click to View

All STIHL products are warranted for 3 months when product is used for rental purposes.

All STIHL axes, hedge shears, loppers, pruners, and pruning saws are warranted against defective material or workmanship until the product is no longer available while owned by the original purchaser (other than for purpose of resale), when used for all applications.

STIHL products sold through U.S. dealers are for distribution in the United States only.

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