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Microjig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp AP

Microjig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp AP

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Product Description

Microjig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp AP. The Track Clamp AP is designed to make repetitive processes faster and easier. The idea behind Dovetail Clamp AP came from Founder and Inventor, Henry Wang, after he was using the first generation Dovetail Clamps on the drill press for a process that required constant re-adjustment. After many frustrating re-adjustments, he designed the anti-pivot coil spring which prevented the clamp arms from pivoting and dropping between workpieces. You can use any standard 1/2” – 14° dovetail router bit to route the tracks anywhere. This means you can say goodbye to expensive T-tracks! Additionally, the MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp® AP has an increased clamping range of up 8.5-inches. The included X-PAD™ is designed to apply force in two directions which helps secure the work surface so that fewer clamps are required. It also has a V-groove profile that offers two points of contact with round or oblong stock.


  • (1) Dovetail Track Clamp® AP
  • (1) X-PAD™ Attachment

Style Number: DVC-850AP


  • Clamping Range: 8.5” (Clamping)
  • Clamping Pressure: 595 lbs.
  • Requirements: Any standard 14°-1/2" Dovetail Router Bit
  • Package Dimensions: 7.8” x 11.9” x 1.6”
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.


Misplace the user manual? No problem! Hartville Hardware is here to help. Below is the user manual for the MicroJig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp® AP. Read it before you buy it, or come back and download it if you have questions.

MicroJig MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Clamp® AP User Guide

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