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Mohawk Leather Touch-Up Pigment 24-Pack Assortment

Mohawk Leather Touch-Up Pigment 24-Pack Assortment

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Product Description

Mohawk M850-9024 Leather Touch-Up Pigment 24 Pack Assortment. Includes a wide variety of pigments to match many different colors of leather. Leather Touch-Up Pigment is a single step product that combines fixation, adhesion, light filling properties, pigment, and topcoat all in one easy to use product. It exhibits high performance specs for dry rubbing, wet rubbing, and flexibility.

Touch-Up Pigment is the final step in covering repairs on pigmented leathers with color and/or sheen adjustment. Most often, it is used over a damaged area that has been repaired with Mohawk Leather Glue Water Based or Repairing Paste. Each bottle of pigment contains 2 ounces of product. USA

Leather Touch-Up Pigment 24 Pack Assortment Includes one each of:
M850-21325 Heirloom-Rubino 943-09
M850-21327 Jet Black/Oxford-Onyx 490-00
M850-21328 Enduro-Stone 941-01
M850-21329 Primo-Butternut 482-23
M850-21330 Sonoma-Brown 446-03
M850-21331 Merano-Starlight 404-04
M850-21332 Pampa-Galaxy 971-14
M850-21333 Sienna-Saddle 406-03 & 436-03
M850-21334 Lancaster-Black 459-00
M850-21335 Chelsea-Chocolate 484-03
M850-21336 Chestridge-Crimson 499-07
M850-21337 Dunhill-Mahogany 498-33
M850-21338 Madison-Antique 478-03
M850-21339 Gunsmoke-Canyon 960-03
M850-21340 Rancho-Walnut 957-03
M850-21341 Primo-Stone 482-01
M850-21342 Monarch Valley-Harness 465-03
M850-22022 White
M850-22042 Blue
M850-22052 Yellow Lemon
M850-22082 Red
M850-21012 Burnt Umber
M850-21182 Raw Umber
M850-21346 Romanza Ivory


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