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System Three Mirrorcast Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Kit, 1.5 Pint

System Three Mirrorcast Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Kit, 1.5 Pint

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Product Description

MirrorCast is a clear epoxy casting resin designed to fill knots, cracks, and voids in wood substrates with minimal shrinkage, prior to finishing wood components. When cured, MirrorCast can be sanded, shaped and drilled. MirrorCast can be used to create beautiful decorative wood art, fill medium to large size knots, fill large checks and cracks in wood slabs, and fill inclusions in wood slabs, plus it can be tinted with System Three epoxy pigment dispersions when desired.

To calculate how much MirrorCast is needed for the job determine the length (L) x the average width (W) x the average depth (D) of the areas to be filled, and from the total cubic inches see which MirrorCast kit meets your needs. It's advisable to pad the estimate by 10% to ensure that enough material is available. A 1.5 Pint MirrorCast Kit contains 45 cubic inches of material.

MirrorCast has a Minimum Curing Temperature of 70° F, and a Working Time of 1 hour (@ 70° F). USA


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