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Grex 3/8 in. to 2 in. 21-Gauge Brad Nailer w/Auto Lock-Out

Grex 3/8 in. to 2 in. 21-Gauge Brad Nailer w/Auto Lock-Out

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Product Description

The Grex H850LX 2" 21 Gauge Brad Nailer offers a middle ground between the small hole size left by a 23 gauge pin and the holding strength of an 18 gauge brad nail. It provides a wide range of fastener options with the ability to drive brads from 3/8 inch to 2 inches in length. It also features Auto Lock-Out to prevent annoying dry firing of fasteners. The H850LX is equipped with all the newest features found in Grex tools, including the industry first integrated edge guide and guide holder.

Why Use 21 Gauge Brad Nails? It's the perfect compromise! With a very slight head and a nail shank diameter between that of a 23 gauge pin and an 18 gauge brad nail, the 21 gauge brad nail provides holding power closer to that of an 18 gauge brad nail, but leaves a hole size closer to that of a 23 gauge pin. Depending on the material being driven into, there can also be situations where a long 23 gauge pin doesn't shoot straight. The larger 21 gauge nail will drive straight more consistently than a 23 gauge pin.

When fastening very thin material, the slight head on 21 gauge brad nails will help provide additional holding power. For those that still make the 18 gauge brad nailer their tool of choice, the 21 gauge brad nailer gives them the ability to go with a smaller hole size without a significant compromise in holding power. Smaller holes means less filling for a quicker, better finish.

If you are a professional, there could be scenarios where the 21 Gauge Brad Nailer can handle all the work you would have done with your 18 and 23 gauge tools. This would allow you to travel a lot lighter, making the job easier and more efficient.

For someone looking to invest in their first nailer, and for someone who's budget can only allow for one tool, an 18 Gauge Brad Nailer is typically recommended because it can cover a wider range of applications. However, if you are reluctant because you are also interested in the capabilities of a 23 Gauge Headless Pinner, the 21 Gauge Brad Nailer offers the best of both worlds. this makes it an ideal solution for someone looking for their first nailer. Imported

Powerful Motor - Consistently drives 2" brads into hardwoods.
Internal Aluminum Parts - Precision machined and anodized internal cylinder and piston valves for robust performance.
One-Piece Driver Design - Precision machined, hardened steel for optimal balance of performance and durability.
Minimal Hole Size In Work Piece - Driver tip is tapered to create the smallest mark possible for minimal puttying.
Auto Trigger Lockout - Prevents empty (dry) firing and alerts user need to reload.
One-Touch Lock-Out Over-Ride - Lets you use the last 7 nails intelligently
On-Board Edge Guide - Lets you work faster and more precisely
On-Board Edge Guide Holder - Convenient storage when not in use
Extruded Aluminum Magazine - Durable and designed for smooth and quick reloading.
Narrow Nose Design - Lets you reach in corners and tight areas for detail work.
Removable No-mar Rubber Tip - Helps protect your work piece and precisely locates nailing position.
Posit-Lock™ Nose Cover - Dramatically reduces jamming.
Steel Belt Hook - For easy carrying of tool; left or right mounted.
Rear Exhaust - Keeps air directed away from you and your work piece.
Large Fastener Indicator Window - Easily see when fasteners are low.
Allen Key Storage - For quick convenient access.
Swivel Air Coupler - Keeps your air hose tangle-free for easier handling.
Rubber Hand Grip - For a firm comfortable tool grip.

Suggested Applications: Trim & Moldings, Cabinet Assembly, Furniture & Cabinet Finish Work, Jig Fixtures, Light Wood Assembly, Planter Boxes, Paneling, Window Beading, Scribe Molding, Door & Window Casings, Picture Frame Assembly, and Decorations.


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