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Close up of key ring with key locking a door

Key Cutting

Hartville location only.

We understand that the case of missing keys is never-ending. That's why we make it easy to replace those pesky keys that disappear, never to be seen again. From brass house keys to automotive chip keys, we offer key-cutting services at the Rental Center on the lower level of our store.

A close-up of a person's hands as they cut along the edge of a screen for screen repair and fabrication.

Screen Repair & Fabrication

Hartville location only.

We have all the supplies you need for screen repair and fabrication. Shop screen rolls, patches, rolling tools, grilles, and more to help keep the cool breeze in and pesky bugs out. You can also stop by our Rental department on the lower level of our store, and we'll repair it for you!

Window, Mirror & Plexiglass

Hartville location only.

Shop in-store for window & mirror glass, plexiglass, and acrylic sheets. Get window/picture glass in single or double-strength up to 36" x 52" or mirror glass up to 30" x 36". Choose from three thicknesses for acrylic sheets up to 4" x 8". Need your glass cut down to the right size? We also offer glass-cutting services on the lower level of our store.

Windows, Mirrors, and Plexiglass - Stacked Glass

Top Brands

Hardware at Hartville Hardware

We understand that even the tiniest screw can make a difference in a home, whether that extra screw keeps a board in place or holds up the family portrait. That's why we offer fasteners and connectors of all shapes and sizes for all applications, from drywall screws to finishing nails to concrete anchors. We have everything you need, big or small, to keep your home together, from house signs & numbers to door knobs & handles, from hinges and casters to mailboxes and gutters. We even have locks, latches, and safes to protect you, your family, and your valuables. With a selection this size, it can be overwhelming to find the right materials. So talk with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals, and they'll help you select all the hardware and tools you need for your home.

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