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Screen Repair

When life happens to your window and door screens, Hartville Hardware is here to help!

Whether the kids broke the latch or rollers, the dog pawed its way through the window screen, or the weather has just taken its toll, one thing is for sure - you have been left with rips, tears, holes, bent frames, or visible wear. Let the experts at Hartville Hardware help you get your screens back to new!

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Hartville Hardware offers year-round screen repair on most window and door screens. We understand how important screens are. Window and door screens protect from leaves, bugs, and more, all while letting fresh air into your home. When screens are damaged, you may not open your windows and doors, causing you to miss out on the fresh outside air. Or, worse yet, you may be letting insects into the house through small tears. Hartville Hardware can fix ripped and torn window screens, porch doors, and sliding patio screens for much less than the cost of replacing them. We can also fix bent frames, broken frames, and sliding screen door rollers.

Most screen repairs are easy and affordable. Bring your screen to our store, and the screen repair professionals at Hartville Hardware will assess the conditions of your screens and provide you with a quote before you leave the store.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary based on the size of the window or door, the extent of the damage, and the materials needed. Average-sized house window screens can usually be repaired for under $20, and sliding door screens for less than $40. Bent and broken frames will be the price of rescreening, plus the price of the additional parts needed. Repairs can take a few minutes to a few days.

Don't replace that beat-up old screen if you don't have to! Let Hartville Hardware save you money by saving your screens.

Hartville Hardware is here to help with your screen repair needs! Stop into our Flagship Store in Hartville or give us a call at 330-877-3631.

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