Personalize your YETI drinkware with custom engraving! Shop Now>

Personalize your YETI drinkware with custom engraving! Shop Now>

Personalization FAQ

What products can I personalize?

Any color-coated YETI Rambler, including tumblers, mugs, Colsters, lowballs, bottles, and Rambler Jrs.

Any solid-colored Swig drinkware

Any MyFamily-branded pet ID tag

Ornaments (seasonal)

Are personalized products returnable?

No. All personalized product sales are final.

What kind of images can I add?

Please note that we can't print emojis.

Can I provide an image or file and get it engraved on my drinkware?

No. At this time we can't do custom images for individual consumers, but may be able to do so for larger corporate orders.

I'm a business owner interested in ordering YETI or Swig products engraved with my corporate logo. Can you do that?

Hartville Hardware is open to corporate orders. Please contact the store at 330-877-3631, on our contact page at, or by emailing

What text can and can't be engraved?

Legally, we can't engrave any trademarked words or phrases. Language that is hateful, obscene, profane, violent, or any other language Hartville Hardware deems inappropriate will not be engraved.

Do I need to purchase my product from Hartville Hardware or can I bring one from home?

You need to purchase the product from Hartville Hardware.

Will my personalized design wear off over time?

Drinkware and dog tags: No. The engraving is permanent and won't rub or flake off.

Ornaments: Not as long as you handle with care.

Will engraving damage my drinkware?

No. Our laser engravers only remove the outer, colored coating from the drinkware's surface. They don't affect the stainless steel underneath.

How long does engraving take?

In-store, personalization can take as little as 10 minutes, depending on how many jobs are ahead of yours in line.

Online, personalized orders take 1 or 2 days longer to ship, depending on the day and time of your order.

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