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SPECIAL SAVINGS! Save up to 25% on select BERG pedal karts SHOP NOW>

Livestock and Animal Feed

Our Hartville Hardware Middlefield store knows how much you rely on your animals, and how much they rely on you. That's why we carry the best in livestock feed and supplies, as well as food for your domestic animals in a variety of sizes. We have equine feed, as well as feed for cattle, sheep, goat, backyard poultry (e.g., chickens & ducks), fish, deer, and 4H animals.
We'll also special order feed for exotic livestock like llamas and alpacas.

Yes! We do carry mineral salt licks and plain salt blocks.

We provide free delivery on all our feed products. We offer bulk options for equine and cattle feed; we order those directly from Purina, and you must buy at least 2 tons.

Ask one of our expert sales associates about hay testing and farm nutrition consults!



You know what's best for your horses. That's why we carry feed and supplies for every horse in your care. Whether you raise equine athletes or show horses, foals or aged animals. Has your veterinarian suggested a special diet? We have just what the doctor ordered.

Shopping for minis or ponies? We have feed to meet their unique needs as well.



From oyster shell to mealworm, from food pellets to medicated feed - we've got it all to feed your flock. Got a gaggle of thirsty gobblers on your hands? We've got hen hydrators and poultry waterers. And if they've got a need to feed, we've got plenty of feeders for you to choose from.



Give your cattle balanced mineral nutrition all year round with cattle feed from Hartville Hardware. Whether they're destined for the dairy or the dinner table, they need a nutritious diet. We've got lots of lick tubs too. For happy, healthy cattle with plenty of meat on their bones, come to Hartville Hardware for cattle feed today.



Kids. They grow up so fast. One day, they're tiny bleating babies, and the next they're eating everything they can get their hoofs on. Feed them the good stuff with Hartville Hardware. We have goat feed, goat treats, and salt blocks for your four-hooved friend.


4H Special!

Are you a 4H member between the ages of 9 and 18? If so, you can save 5% on great products like Show Chow. Just bring documentation showing your club name and the county in which you live. See a sales associate for details.


Companion animals

We would never forget your pets! Whether you share your home with a mini pig, a pond-full of fish, or a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig, we've got what you need. Specialty foods for dogs and cats too!


Other livestock

If you need pig feed, you're in the right place. If you're looking for feed for feeding your 4H filly, you've found it. We've got feed for sheep. Looking after exotic animals like llamas, alpacas, or emus? Just call us up or stop by; we can special order it.

Brands You'll Love

Triple Crown

More for Your Animals to Munch on


Fish Feed

Food that will keep your fish swimming easily.


Deer Feed

Keep them coming back for more with irresistible deer feed.


4H Livestock Feed

Keep them healthy with the best foods for show animals.

Animal Treats

Animal Treats

Nutritious and delicious treats for horses, chickens, & dogs.

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