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Makeover Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

Bored with your kitchen but not ready to invest in a full kitchen remodel? Trying to redesign your kitchen on a budget? Here are some tips to help you DIY your way to an improved home kitchen. These simple steps make it easy and affordable to transform your kitchen.

1. Décor

Updating your kitchen starts with changing the decor. Handpicking decor items that fit your style creates a balanced theme to pull the space together. Add mason jars and checkered patterns for a rustic farmhouse look, or simply brighten your kitchen with pops of color using wall art and dishtowels. Whether you go with a style or a color theme, let your kitchen reflect who you are with decorations you love.

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2. Faucets

While not the focal point of a kitchen, choosing a faucet that suits your taste creates a more cohesive space. A sleek chrome faucet will clash with a rustic kitchen look. Update it with a warm bronze, and your kitchen will look as cozy as a cottage. Need more functionality from your faucet? Upgrade to a pull-down faucet, or take it a step further with the Delta Touch20, which you can turn on with a touch.

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3. Fixtures

Drawer pulls and cupboard door knobs are small pieces of the kitchen that can either complement the theme or distract from your style. Selecting the right style, size, and color brings the room together. Elaborate, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures elevate a vintage kitchen, while chrome fixtures pair perfectly with a modern, industrial style.

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4. Lighting

Sometimes, a new lightbulb isn't enough to brighten a room. New lighting fixtures don't have to illuminate a space only. They can also showcase your style. Want a statement piece? Choose a geometrical chandelier. Looking for something more understated? Browse our mount lighting and minimalist pendant lights. You can even update your kitchen with task-based and LED lighting for a better-lit and safer environment.

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5. Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Peel & stick wallpaper is the fast, easy solution to dull walls. Choose from several designs, ranging from fun & funky to simple & beautiful. Whether you need to cover walls, dress up cupboard doors, or create a faux backsplash, peel & stick wallpaper is the simple alternative to paint and tiles. Plus, it's easy to remove and doesn't leave residue, making it the perfect choice for renters!

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