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Hand Tools

Toolbox Essentials

A set of screwdrivers
A wrench set
A high-visibility hammer
Hammers & Mallets
Two pairs of straight-jaw groove joint pliers
A boxed socket & ratchet set
Socket & Ratchet Sets
A large tape measure
Tape Measures & Levels
A one-hand bar clamp
Clamps & Vices
A set of chisels
Chisels & Punches

Tool Storage & Accessories

A black tool cabinet
Tool Cabinets
A leather tool belt with two pouches hanging from it
Tool Pouches
A saw horse
Work Benches &
A black tool box

Shop by Project

Electrical Tools

Yes, we do have basic electrical tools! Shop sensors, testers & multimeters. Wire cutters, strippers, etc. too.

Mechanic Tools

Shop wrenches, drill bit sets, tubing cutters, bolt extractors, pullers & more.

Welding Supplies

We have welding essentials, too! Find safety gear, rivets, electrodes, mig wire, cutting tips & more.

Masonry Tools

Brick & stone workers, we have a variety of floats, trowels, pointers, etc. Jointers, mason line, and brushes too. Plus, tile saws!

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