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You're finally ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. But who can you trust with such a job? People all over Northeast Ohio have been trusting Hartville Hardware with their building supply and tool needs since 1972, and we have worked hard to be worthy of that trust, offering stellar service, the highest quality products, and outstanding expertise.

The experts in the Design Center at Hartville Hardware will help you build your dream kitchen or bath with a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. From cabinetry to countertops, fixtures to flooring, our team will walk you through every step of the redesign process, making sure that your design dreams become a reality.

Samantha Clapper

"My goal when recreating your space is to exceed all design expectations. I like to add the unexpected while maintaining the client's vision."

Samantha Clapper graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in Interior Design. She enjoys being creative while also helping people discover what they love. She understands the design process can be overwhelming, so she's there to guide you through your options, turning your vision into a reality. Looking for a design that paints your personality? Samantha can help you create a unique style that reflects your taste, taking care of every detail from start to finish! When she's not designing, Samantha enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Ruth Ferwerda

"Joanna Gaines is my go-to when it comes to design inspiration. I love how she combines styles into one cohesive look."

In her 31 years in the construction/remodeling industry, Ruth Ferwerda has seen a lot, but in recent years, her go-to for design inspiration has been Joanna Gaines. She's seen the way an airy color palette can open up a room, the way that designing around the timeless elements of the home can make custom spaces that are unique to the homeowner. Ruth is an expert at modern farmhouse, country chic, and rustic design, but she's got the chops to tackle any design style—industrial, modern, or even glam. Need bathroom cabinets or a new bathroom vanity? Ruth is here to help—with those and with any other kitchen and bath design needs you may have. Ruth has three sons, loves to run, and spends as much time outdoors as possible.

Sarah Klinger

"It's important to meet the client's needs. I want to ensure the space is the best for the individual client."

Sarah Klinger's experience with kitchen & bath design and retail store design gives her insight into the different fields of design. Her favorite part of her job is helping people achieve their goals. Sarah is mindful of budgeting and always willing to find solutions to create a beautiful, functional space without breaking the bank. Need a walk-in shower that's easily accessible? Want child-proof countertops that resist stains? Sarah will help you find all the pieces and parts that best fit your needs. As a homeowner, Sarah enjoys gardening and working on her own home projects.

Matthew Kannel

"I encourage my clients to vocalize their ideas to ensure everyone is satisfied and happy with the final product."

After working in contractor sales for years, Matthew Kannel knows all the ins and outs of design from both a designer and contractor perspective. He has seen the different avenues to explore and knows that expanding on your wants and needs to create a space you love can transform a house into a home. Want to modernize an outdated bathroom? Looking for a functional yet stunning kitchen? Matthew's insight into working with contractors means he'll help you find the best solutions. In his free time, you can find Matthew going to the lake with his wife and son, watching football with his parents, or golfing.

Sharon Lammlein

"I enjoy seeing the changes and the customer's reaction when they see their dream spaces unfold."

Sharon Lammlein has spent the last 25 years designing kitchens and baths for customers at Hartville Hardware, where she loves taking customers bathroom remodel ideas and kitchen renovation plans and helping make them a reality. Do you have walk-in shower ideas that you'd like to bring to life? Want to try a new kitchen layout so you can make the most of the space you have? Sharon is ready to help with that and more. Her attention to detail and love of interior decoration are obvious at work and at home, where she loves quilting and needlework.

Kirby Mast

"I enjoy helping clients realize their dream kitchens & bathrooms."

Kirby Mast is an experienced designer with over 28 years in the construction industry, the past 20 being focused on kitchen and bath design and remodeling. An avid outdoorsman, Kirby is inspired by the colors and textures of nature and incorporates them wherever he can—whether it's in the form of hardwood floors, solid wood cabinets, or natural quartz countertops. As a father, he understands the importance of creative storage and kid-friendly interior design. In his time away from design work, you'll find Kirby taking in the outdoors with his wife and three children, enjoying sports, and watching movies.

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