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An array of Makita LXG tools, including a chainsaw, leaf blower, hedge & shrub trimmer, and weed eater with battery & charger.


Makita makes professional-grade tools that help you solve problems, be more efficient, and produce better results. The saws, sanders, dust extractors, rotary hammers, polishers, drills, impact wrenches, outdoor power equipment, and other Makita tools that you'll find at Hartville Hardware are all designed to be the perfect marriage of power and convenience, ergonomics and efficiency.
Hartville Hardware is an official Makita Service Center.

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Outdoor Power

Landscapers and contractors love Makita outdoor power tools because they have zero emissions, make less noise, and they require a lot less maintenance. You'll love Makita's blowers, trimmers, and chainsaws because they're more powerful and run longer on a single charge than ever before. Plus, select outdoor power tools feature Makita's exclusive Extreme Protection Technology, a protective seal inside the tool engineered to keep water and dust away from the internal components (see products).

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Makita has listened to you, their customers, and has created kits that meet your specific needs. Some kits include extra batteries so that professionals who use tools for extended periods don't have to wait for batteries to recharge. Some kits include popular attachments, and others include multiple tools that are often used as part of the same task. These kits make great starters for the new tool owner and are very convenient for the busy professional.

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Corded Power Tools

Don't let the convenient, compact size of Makita's corded tools fool you - these things pack a lot of punch. Designed with versatility and maneuverability in mind, Makita's corded tools are as powerful as they are easy to use. Makita designs tools with the operator in mind, making the grips comfortable, the noise minimal, and the weight manageable.

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Cordless Tools

Makita cordless power tools are high-quality, high-tech machinery. Their 18V LXT series features a huge collection of tools that all use the same quick-charging 18V slide-style battery, so you'll never be left fumbling for the right one. 36V LXT tools are compatible as well - they use two 18V batteries. Never satisfied with "good enough," Makita has also equipped dozens of their tools and batteries with Star Protection Computer Controls, technology that lets the tool and battery "talk" to each other, preventing overload, overheating, and over-discharging.

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There's something different about Makita lighting - most of it can run on the same rechargeable batteries you use with your Makita tools. Able to provide hours of bright LED lights on a single charge, these highly-adjustable flashlights, work lights, and flood lights keep your worksite safe. For even more versatility, check out Makita's cordless/corded lighting options that let you choose whether to run on battery or by plugging into the wall.

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Accessories & Parts

We just wouldn't be Hartville Hardware if we didn't have batteries, blades, belts, abrasives, bits, attachments, and other accessories for the Makita products we sell. If your Makita tool uses it, we most likely carry it - from rails for your track saw to polishing wheels for your sander to attachments for your dust vacuum.

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