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A lineup of Bosch prodcuts including drill/drivers, oscillating saws, and more!

Bosch has a long history of making innovative power tools and is known for the quality of its workmanship. That's why Hartville Hardware is proud to be a Bosch Classified Retailer, Bosch System Specialist, and Bosch Authorized Service Center. Our extended selection of Bosch products includes versatile tools for around the house as well as heavy duty, professional tools for big projects. We carry the PROFACTOR™ line of cordless power tools.

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Cordless Power Tools

Bosch puts the power in cordless power tool. Innovators in the realm of brushless, cordless power tools, they engineer their products for strength, durability, and maximum battery efficiency, charge after charge.

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Cordless Drill/Drivers

Take a powerful, professional cordless drill anywhere and everywhere with a drill or driver from Bosch. These brushless, versatile tools are designed with ergonomics at top of mind.

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Routers & Router Tables

Fixed base routers, palm routers, and router tables from Bosch may have different designs but they're all engineered for ergonomics, versatility, consistency, and clean precision cuts every time.

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One 18V battery plus a variety of cordless power tools equals one convenient, powerful system. Bosch CORE18V Lithium-Ion PROFACTOR™ exclusive batteries are engineered to deliver maximum power.

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Benchtop Tools

For precision crosscuts, rip cuts, miter cuts, beveled cuts, dado cuts, and rabbet cuts, Bosch benchtop saws and blades are world-renowned.

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Woodworking Tools

To create next-level products, you need next-level tools, and Bosch doesn't fail to deliver. With woodworking saws, both cordless and corded, designed with the professional in mind, there's nothing holding you back.

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A Bosch Laser measuring tool with a phone

Laser Level Instructions

Wondering how to use your Bosch laser level? Each model of laser level is different, but here's a brief, generalized tutorial to get you started with any Bosch laser level. You can find more specific instructions in the manual that came with your product.

1. Unbox your laser level and insert the batteries. If this unit has rechargeable batteries, make sure the battery is fully charged before using it.
2. Position your laser level on any flat, level surface, or use a Bosch mounting bracket or tripod.
3. The Smart Pendulum System verifies that the unit is on a level surface, and projects a flashing laser pattern if it is not.
4. The laser level projects perfectly plumb and level lines so that you can complete your task with precision.

Bosch Laser Measuring Tools

Laser Measuring Instructions

Measure distance accurately to within a fraction of an inch with a Bosch laser measure. The innovative Bosch laser measure is more convenient than a standard tape measure and can measure greater distances.

1. Unbox your laser measure and load the batteries.
2. Stand with the laser level at one end of the length you want to measure.
3. Point the laser level toward an object at the other end. If there's nothing at the other end to point to, use one of the targets included with the product.
4. Press the arrow button.
5. The measurement appears on the screen. Press the arrow button again to lock in the measurement.

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