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Oliger Seed Annual Ryegrass Grass Seed, 50 lb.

Oliger Seed Annual Ryegrass Grass Seed, 50 lb.

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Product Description

This annual grass is used for temporary erosion control, to improve soil structure, and to suppress weeds. It is frequently mixed with birdsfoot trefoil, crownvetch, or both. It's meant to be used in field strips, for grassed waterways, and in temporarily exposed areas. This is a fast-growing, non-spreading bunch grass, and provides especially effective weed control when planted alongside with grasses and legumes. Annual Ryegrass generally survives winter but will die when temperatures reach 85 or above. Comes in a 50 lb. bag.


  • Lifecycle: Annual
  • Mix with: Legumes & Grasses
  • Use: Erosion Control, improves soil, suppresses weeds (erosion control flora)
  • Area: Field strips, grass waterways, exposed areas


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