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Festool 576718 TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw

Festool 576718 TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw

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Product Description

The Festool #576718 TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw was updated to keep in mind that many times, even just a millisecond is crucial - because kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a track saw. The unique kickback stop on the TSC 55 KEBI Cordless Track Saw stops the saw blade in the blink of an eye. This not only protects the work piece, it also helps to minimize the risk of injury to your hands.

In addition, you will now be able to make powerful, precise cuts at up to twice the speed with an extended battery range. When combined with Festool's new generation of saw blades you will get maximum cutting performance and perfect cutting quality - and everything still meshes perfectly with clever system accessories, such as guide rails, an angle stop, splinter guard and saw table.

The kickback stop helps to reduce the risk of injury from kickback when sawing or plunging the tool into the workpiece. Once the saw has been triggered, it is ready for immediate use without having to replace any parts or incurring additional costs. The kickback stop can be manually deactivated on an as needed basis, for example when working without a guide rail on uneven material. The advantage: The kickback stop is automatically reactivated the next time the saw is switched on.

With the TSC 55 KEBI you get cordless convenience with no noticeable sacrifice in power. The combination of a brushless EC-TEC motor and dual lithium-ion battery system (2 x 18 V) makes the TSC 55 KEBI as impressively powerful as a corded saw, without being tied to a cord. You also get concentrated torque and up to twice as fast work progress with an increased saw blade service life.

Other new features are the transparent sliding viewing window (and the additional markings for the starting and end point) which provides a good view of the saw blade. With the clip-on splinter guard in combination with the guide rail, it is even possible to saw on both sides with virtually no splinters. Now you have perfect cuts which reduce the need for reworking. The slimline housing allows users to make cuts up to the edges and in close proximity to walls (1/2" / 12 mm).

The TSC 55 KEBI enables precise work - The cutting edge from 90° to 47° remains unchanged even when the saw swivels. Exact cuts, even at an angle - Undercuts are also possible with the extended adjustment option from -1° to 47°. Exact depth setting is easy to read and adjust - The dual cutting depth scale for works with or without a guide rail, and it is now even easier thanks to extra-large font and precision adjustment.

The FastFix Saw Blade Changing System makes it extremely easy to change the saw blade. The correct saw blade is fitted in just a few steps and the sawing speed is adapted to the material. Germany

TSC 55 KEB-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw: Includes the Saw; two (2) BP 18 Li 5.2 Ah ASI Battery Packs; TCL 6 Rapid Battery Charger; Chip Collection Bag; HW Fine Tooth Saw Blade W42; Sight Window; Splinterguard; and a new generation Systainer SYS3 M 437*.

*NOTE: The Systainer3 is fully compatible with current T-LOC Systainers. And, like the T-LOC Systainer, it can be latched on top of the Classic Systainer (going back to 1993).


Cutting Depth at 45°: 1-11/16" (43 mm)
Cutting Depth at 90°: 0" to 2-1/8" (0 to 55 mm)
Weight 1 x 18 V/2 x 18 V: 10.141 lbs (4.6 kg)/11.684 lbs (5.3 kg)
Battery Voltage: 18/36 V
Saw Blade Diameter: 6-1/4" (160 mm)
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter: 1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27/36 mm)
Angle Range: -1 to 47°


Misplace the user manual? No problem! Hartville Hardware is here to help. Below is the user manual for the Festool TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw. Read it before you buy it, or come back and download it if you have any questions after getting your Festool TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw home.

Festool TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus Cordless Track Saw

Warranty & Certifications

Festool offers and all-inclusive warranty on all their tools.

3-Year Comprehensive Warranty Coverage - including wear and tear!
3-Year free shipping to and from Festool service department.
10-Year spare parts availability guarantees long-term support.
1-Month money back guarantee.

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