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MPOWER 300/1200 Grit Double-Sided 8 in. Diamond Bench Stone Complete

MPOWER 300/1200 Grit Double-Sided 8 in. Diamond Bench Stone Complete

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Product Description

Perfect for sharpening plane irons, chisels, scissors, drill bits, knives, and much more. MPOWER Double Sided Diamond Bench Stones are hybrid laminate bench stones. The rust free core is made from high tolerance, extruded, machined and anodized aluminum. The two plates are pressure bonded to the core using a high specification oil and solvent resistant 3M adhesive.

Testing over many months has proven this surface to be consistently flatter (exceeding a tolerance of +/- 0.00175” or 0.044mm across the length) than any traditional tool steel core. The result is a diamond stone offering performance and flatness of the highest standard.

The stone’s surface is coated with the finest quality monocrystalline diamond, which is applied in a truly unique surface recess pattern. More than just a cool look, the non-linear Freestyle Recess pattern vastly improves sharpening by ensuring that there is always an intersecting debris evacuation channel, no matter which way the blade is positioned or moved on the surface. Used in combination with Lapping Fluid, the sharpening debris is suspended in a slurry which helps it flow through the channels, reducing clogging or pasting of the diamond plate, thereby prolonging the period of sharpening and maintaining abrasion rates.

The Kit also comes with a magnetic ABS cover that’s fitted with a leather strop that clicks-off the Stone to sharpen, and clicks-on the stone to provide a stable surface for final edge stropping. Each stone is specially paired with matching strop and polishing compound combination for maximum effectiveness.

Complete Kit Includes: an 8” Double-Sided Diamond Bench Stone; two (2) Magnetic Diamond Stone Holders; a Cleaning Block; Canvas Case; Magnetic Leather Strop Cover; Wax Polishing Stick; and Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid.

Bench Stone has a 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee. England


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