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Carhartt Get the Look: Support Local, Give Back

Join Hartville Hardware and Carhartt as we SUPPORT LOCAL business with a CARHARTT LOOK chosen especially for them. VOTE for your Favorite Carhartt Look and you will be entered for your Chance to WIN a $250 Carhartt Shopping Spree at Hartville Hardware.

Vote for a Chance to Win: pictured Kerry Sommers, Shannon Allen, & Eric Stalter

Vote for Your Favorite Carhartt Look for a Chance to Win a $250 Carhartt Shopping Spree!

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Missy Howard & a horse

Missy Howard: Pegasus Farm

Although the horses at Pegasus Farm may be the 'stars of the show', Missy Howard shines brightly as she ties her equestrian passion into creating equine-assisted learning programs that touch lives, helping them and giving an experience to those with disabilities that might not otherwise have it. This is what Pegasus is all about. "I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work in the equine industry. And truly, the smiles of our individuals is what makes it most worth it."

"Working in the agricultural business, clothing is actually very closely correlated to safety and Carhartt, I do feel, has always been something we can always rely on. We're able to do our jobs and do it very comfortably. Of course we can look good while we're doing it. It's the type of brand that I feel you get what you pay for and I've always been happy to purchase Carhartt clothing and wear it."
- Missy Howard

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Kerry Sommers: K & F Construction

Kerry Sommers started K&F Construction 18 years ago in Uniontown, Ohio with a focus on quality. He treats every deck as if he were building it for his own home. "We're not going to cut corners to get things done faster. We're going to build it to last a long, long time." The thing that brings Kerry the most satisfaction in his job is "definitely at the end of the day, when we're all done, standing back looking at what we created that day with our bare hands."

"When I hear the brand Carhartt, the first thing that comes to mind is just tough. And durable. And strong. Get down in the mud, get dirty, and you'll be fine. My Carhartt clothing stands the test of time. It looks good too. We are going to do our best to make your deck outstanding and that's how we look at our clothing too. I'm going to purchase something good and high quality, just like I do my tools. I want my tools to be good high quality, the best out there. And that's why I choose Carhartt."
- Kerry Sommers

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Shannon Allen: Bloom Hill Farm

I own Bloom Hill Farm with my husband Judd. When we first started this business we really didn't understand the community impact that Bloom Hill could have. As we kept growing and people kept telling us stories of memories of flowers or how they gave their best friend flowers and it just made their day, we started seeing the bigger picture of the impact that our farm can have on the happiness of other people. And for them to share our flowers with other people, it's like the highest compliment for Judd and I.

"When I hear the brand Carhartt, I think of hard work and also enjoying that hard work. Carhartt apparel is something that goes with us the entire twelve months on the farm. Our outfits transition with the weather and everyday is different with us. Carhartt really offers us the selection where we can grab and go, and get what we need in that moment. The quality and the selection is just perfect for us. The reason that we, especially me, love Carhartt clothes is because they're functional, they work as hard as we do, and they're still cute. Like I still love wearing them, I still feel put together."
- Shannon Allen

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Judd Allen: Bloom Hill Farm

My name is Judd Allen with Bloom Hill Farms and I'm co-owner in charge of the harvest field maintenance. I like working outside in harmony with nature and the ground. A lot of people have been following us since the beginning. They know that Shannon and I are first generation farmers and built from the ground up. They have seen the growth, how we have supported local business ourselves, and we want to be a part of this community.

"When I first hear Carhartt, I think of tough because no matter what you're doing, they have something that specializes in what you need. If it's raining, it's snowing, it's hot out, it's cool out, there is always a product there that is going to have your back. I like the versatility of it; I like that no matter what the season, there's something comfortable to wear. Ultimately you want it to last and to be comfortable. I know if I'm getting a rain jacket, I know it's going to keep me dry. I know if I'm getting a winter jacket, I know it's going to keep me warm. And they're always continuing to push the envelope of what a product can do. So that's what I like."
- Judd Allen

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Kevin King: Kingsway Pumpkin Farm

A family-owned business, Kingsway Pumpkin Farm started in a front yard setting in 1990. 31 seasons later, Kevin King is willing to put in the hard work farming takes in order to create a positive, family-friendly fall environment. A farm favorite is definitely the 'pick your own pumpkin' tractor ride to and from the patch. "We're blessed in our customers and in the community."

"Working on the farm is hard and multifaceted. You put your clothes through a lot: it's important to have stuff that's durable and will hold up. Carhartt fits really well and is, most of all, durable. Carhartt generally has a large selection of stuff and for me sometimes tall sizes, which I like. I wear Carhartt pretty much everyday."
- Kevin King

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Eric Stalter

Eric Stalter: Rock Solid Painting

Owner and lead painter of Rock Solid Painting, Eric Stalter enjoys both the relational side of his business, as well as putting in the work to transform and beautify his customer's space. "We take pride in what we do and aim to treat others as we would want to be treated." Rock Solid is a local company that gives back to our community through donating products and usable construction items to a non-profit in Canton to benefit those in need.

"I think it is very important to have a clean look as much as possible because people immediately associate how you look with how you are going to treat their property. The reasons I choose to wear Carhartt apparel - there are a couple - they're very professional looking and rugged durability."
- Eric Stalter

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